I’ve helped thousands of millennial women manage their money, level up their careers, and live victoriously. And I can’t wait to work with you.

Working with Tori is the best decision I’ve made in awhile. Tori is incredibly knowledgeable in her field and, when it comes to finances and planning for my future, I trust her wholeheartedly to give me the best information and direct me to the right resources to accomplish my goals. I cannot recommend her enough.
— Kieryn, Seattle

Tori Dunlap is a millennial money and career expert. Her career started with landing a digital marketing contract worth tens of thousands, and a full-time position as the head of marketing and communications for a global security company — all before she turned 22. On track to save $100,000 by 25, Tori wants to give women actionable resources to do the same.

A Plutus award finalist, her work has been highlighted by Arianna Huffington, Seattle Refined, Student Loan Hero, Quartz, The Financial Diet, ShineText, and more.

An honors graduate of the University of Portland, Tori currently lives in Seattle, where she enjoys eating fried chicken, going to barre classes, and watching every John Mulaney interview on YouTube.


Victori Media is now my go-to inspirational life coach and all-around adulting guidebook.
— Amanda, New York

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Speaking Engagements

Getting in front of women and telling a compelling story is what I’m built for. Featured on the stages of Seattle Interactive, Geek Girl Con, F*ckUp Nights, Financial Grownup, Millennial Money, and more.

Recent Talks:

How I’m Saving $100k Before Turning 25

The Easiest Budgeting System You’ll Ever Use

How to Negotiate What You’re Worth

I Took a Job for the Money: Here’s What Happened

How to Build Wealth as a Woman

Tori hosted one of the most raw and relatable panel discussions I’ve attended. She commanded the room, dropped plenty of quotables, and engaged the audience throughout.
— Christina, Seattle

Brand Sponsorship

Ready to showcase your brand in front of thousands of millennial women? From sponsored posts to entire campaigns, I've worked with dozens of companies and blogs to create beautifully engaging copy, design, and photos.

Recent Collaborations:

The Paramount Hotel Seattle



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Tori is professional, driven, and detail-oriented. She takes pride in her work, is always searching for new opportunities to promote the brands she works with and is constantly thinking three steps ahead.
— Hadeel, Seattle

Money + Career Coaching

Excited for the job you've always dreamed about? Can’t seem to get your money together? I’ve worked with hundreds of women across the country to build the life of their dreams.

Coaching Specialities:

Saving + Budgeting

Money Mindset

Investing Basics

Negotiating a Job Offer or a Raise

Building Your Personal Brand

Tori really helped guide the conversation and would pick up on things I would say in the moment that I wasn’t aware of leading to bigger insecurities. She had great suggestions that I never thought of, and, more importantly, I had fun and was really inspired talking to her.
— Georgette, New York


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