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i’ve helped dozens of women earn, negotiate, save, and invest thousands of dollars, and level up their careers


started my first business at age nine | landed my first job as head of marketing for a global company | plutus award nominee (the personal finance Oscars!) | featured on internationally-recognized blogs, podcasts, conferences, and panels

“Tori is professional, driven, detail-oriented. Working with her was a daily pleasure. She takes pride in her work, is always searching for new opportunities to promote the brands she works with, and is constantly thinking three steps ahead. Tori has a knack for collaboration and is truly a team player.”
— Asia, Seattle, WA


“I’ve done some mild coaching where there was no structure and that would often leave me feeling like I really had to work hard to keep the discussion going.
Tori really helped guide the conversation and would pick up on things I would say in the moment that I wasn’t aware of leading to bigger insecurities. She had great suggestions that I never thought of, and, more importantly, I had fun and was really inspired talking to her.”
— Georgette, New York, NY



I'm a speaker.

Getting in front of women and telling a compelling story is what I’m built for. Featured on the stages of Seattle Interactive, Geek Girl Con, F*ckUp Nights, Financial Grownup, Millennial Money, and more.

My specialities: my ridiculously-easy budgeting method, how to negotiate like a boss, shifting your money mindset, the importance of an emergency fund, that time I took a job for the money (and why it was the worst decision I ever made), and how to build wealth as a woman.

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I'm a writer.

Ready to showcase your brand in front of thousands of millennial women? From sponsored posts to entire campaigns, I've worked with dozens of companies and blogs — like The Paramount Hotel Seattle, Flex, SmileBrilliant, Visit New Orleans, and more — to create beautifully engaging copy, design, and photos. Download my media kit here.


I'm a mentor.

Excited for the job you've always dreamed about? Can’t seem to get your money together? After starting my first business at age nine, I landed a job as the head of marketing and communications for a global company AND a digital marketing contract worth tens of thousands — right out of college. And I’m on track to save six-figures — before turning 26. If you're a millennial woman just getting her career started, or want to implement good money habits, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

"When Tori and I talked, I was scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas during a long, unsuccessful job search. Tori gave me game-changing advice and support that kept me going into a new phase of my job hunt. Once I took action using her suggestions, I was able to showcase my experience and passions in a way that immediately stood out to hiring managers and recruiters."

– Erin, Long Beach, CA


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