I get asked all the time: what are your favorite tools as a personal finance/career blogger?

These are platforms and tools I use on a daily basis — I could not run my business (or life!) without them, and hope you find them as useful as I do!


PLATFORM: Squarespace

This is where all the magic begins and ends. Squarespace provides me with the beautiful website you're currently hanging out on — and makes it super easy. I know about enough code to put a heading on the page, so Squarespace's easy drag-and-drop way of designing your site makes things crisp, clean, and simple. I use the "Skye" template (lots of white space, which makes my heart very happy) with some slight modifications from my lovely friends who CAN code. If you're looking for a great place to house your portfolio or blog, this is it.


As both a digital marketer AND blogger, I've used Buffer for 5 years: if I could marry Buffer and its entire team, I would in a heartbeat. I will NEVER use anything else (and it's free!) Buffer makes social media scheduling an absolute breeze, and with built-in analytics tools, it will be your new best friend. Some of my favorite features are the rescheduling tool, scheduling RTs and replies, and their incredible customer service (look up the definition of “best customer service” in the dictionary and you’ll find a photo of Bufferoos.) It's simply the best.


Lawd knows I am no graphic designer. So every blog image, Pinterest post, and Instagram quote gets designed on Canva (yep, those pretty minimalist ones you see on the homepage — also free!) My logo was even designed using Canva. They have fantastic templates you can pick and choose from — with great stock photography, icons, and more. I personally love how easily I can customize something to look professional and sleek. Canva also saves my butt in my 9-5 as a digital marketer: if I need to make a graphic on the fly on my phone, BOOM it's done.

SAVING: Ebates

I was that girl who thought Ebates was a scam for the LONGEST TIME. But I ended up losing hundreds of dollars in cash back (major bummer.) Ebates gives you cash back on almost all your favorite stores, so whether you're buying business stuff (like a new desk chair from Office Depot) or makeup (hai Sephora) or those cute shoes (what up Macy's), you literally earn money on stuff you'd already buy.


You remember that time where I talked about how you should be negotiating all of your bills? (You should.) I know it's scary, and that's where Trim comes in. Not only are they a perfect spending tracker and budgeting system (think Mint but on steroids!), they also will negotiate cable and phone bills FOR YOU.

TRAVEL: Airbnb

You've probably heard about Airbnb by now. But if you've never experienced Airbnb, I cannot recommend it enough. You feel like a local in the city, save money on expensive hotel rooms (by being able to cook your own food!), and always know your stuff is safe (bye, sketchy hostels!) I've traveled through Europe and Costa Rica with Airbnb, and absolutely adore it.