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How to Use Facebook Groups to Double Your Website Traffic

How to Use Facebook Groups to Double Your Website Traffic

When most people think of Facebook marketing, they think of brand pages: tied to one specific organization, with updates and detailed posts about that business. However, if you’re a blogger and an entrepreneur, Facebook groups are a largely untapped resource waiting for you.

Finding the perfect group -- one that is supportive, not spammy -- is hard. Many blogger Facebook groups have gotten so oversaturated that making valuable connections is difficult -- there are a lot of blogs out there! I have a few favorites that you should be sure to join: they lead to great connections, valuable learning, and a huge growth in your traffic! In addition, let’s talk about what to post in these groups, and how to connect with other bloggers to form community.

1. Millennial Blogger Network

MBN is my go-to group for growing my following and connecting with other bloggers. Their weekday threads (you link your blog or social post for engagement, and comment on others' posts) is the most robust and well-regulated I've ever come across. The amount of posts are limited to 15, so there isn't an overwhelming number of blogs to visit, and the group's moderators make sure everyone follows through with their threads. I always make sure to engage with their Pinterest, blog commenting, and Instagram threads. Not only has my following, traffic, and engagement grown, but I've got a pretty incredible community of bloggers that I often collaborate with.

2. Verified Hustlers

This group, founded by millennial entrepreneur and absolute powerhouse Chelsea Krost, focuses on growing your business, making valuable connections, and sharing useful information. Inspired by her weekly Twitter chat #MillennialTalk, Chelsea moderates this group of passionate entrepreneurs. Use this group to showcase content that could be useful to others about starting a blog or online biz, and as a resource to get inspired with good content.

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3. Boost Your Blog

Be careful with this group: it is HUGE, with many people just self-promoting without any value. But if you can authentically engage with users, there is a huge potential for blog growth and learning. Founded by travel blogger Helene in Between, Boost Your Blog is a plentiful resource for great content and an audience of fellow bloggers who are seeking valuable content. Include posts about entrepreneurship, growing your blog or social following, and building community.

What to Post

As with any post (regardless of platform), you should always be adding value. If you want to promote your own content, make sure it’s relevant to your audience -- show them how to start a blog, how to track their site traffic, how to grow their Instagram. Another great post for these groups is an introduction: tell everyone the theme of your blog, your location, and what makes you different. Always include a CTA (call-to-action), where you encourage people to engage with your content.

How to Network

Like any other sort of networking meet up or group, networking should be mutual and helpful, not demanding or one-sided. If you see an entrepreneur or blogger who’s work is fantastic, send them a message! Tell them what you like about their blog and their work, tell them a bit about yourself, and then offer to connect over a call soon. Having virtual meetings has lead to sponsored posts, increased traffic, and growth of my community -- and I have been able to add value to others along the way! Always make sure to exit your interactions by asking, “What can I help with? How can I best support you?”

Using Facebook Groups to grow your audience and double your traffic is key to building an authentic community online. You want to make your readers “brand ambassadors” for your blog -- FB groups are a great way to learn new skills, connect with other entrepreneurs, and discover the best ways to grow your audience. You’ve got this!


I get asked all the time: what are your favorite tools as a personal finance/career blogger?

These are platforms and tools I use on a daily basis — I could not run my business (or life!) without them, and hope you find them as useful as I do!

Buffer: Makes social media scheduling an absolute breeze, and with built-in analytics tools, it will be your new best friend. Click here to try it for free.

Airbnb: If you've never experienced Airbnb, I cannot recommend it enough. You feel like a local in the city, save money on expensive hotel rooms (by being able to cook your own food!), and always know your stuff is safe (bye, sketchy hostels!) Click here for $40 off your first stay!

Ebates: Gives you cash back on almost all your favorite stores, so whether you're buying business stuff (like a new desk chair from Office Depot) or makeup (hai Sephora) or those cute shoes (what up Macy's), you literally earn money on stuff you'd already buy. Click here for a $10 bonus!

Trim: You remember that time where I talked about how you should be negotiating all of your bills? (You should.) I know it's scary — that's where Trim comes in. Not only are they a perfect spending tracker and budgeting system (think Mint but on steroids!), they also will negotiate cable and phone bills FOR YOU. Click here for the free app!

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