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How to Save Money on a Luxury Hotel

You’re trip planning, and looking to save money on a luxury hotel (because we all on a budget, okay?) Chances are you’ll end up browsing Expedia for what you think the best deals. But if you’re checking out that jaw-dropping boutique property with the chic decor and fantastic food, those third-party sites are not the way to book.

4 Money Lessons I Learned From Rap Songs

Money is a central theme in the world of rap music. Of course a people who have faced financial hardship and discrimination would talk about how that’s shaped their lives. Of course rappers would describe what it felt like to sign a million dollar record deal when they grew up poor.

5 Reasons to Get a Costco Membership

As a native of the Pacific Northwest, I grew up on Costco pizza and Saturday Sample Days. My parents still go to Costco for no specific reason, but rather to just browse (and maybe buy bananas for my dad’s protein shakes.) We’re a Costco family, and the price of a $65 membership (that I split with my grandma) is absolutely worth it.